Annual statistics Liquid Cargo 2023

Graphical  representation

The oil harbour possesses a tank store with a capacity of 700,000 cubic meters available for the storage and throughput of mineral oils such as heating oil, diesel and motor fuel. Crude oil, liquid fertiliser and other liquids are handled here as well.

The berths at the oil harbour can accommodate 6 tankers with up to 100,000 tonnes and has a handling capacity of up to 6,000 tonnes per hour. The handling of liquids occurs by means of tank car, pipelines (Schwedt, Böhlen) and by tank truck.

A neutral service company, Grosstanklager Ölhafen Rostock GmbH, is the operator of the oil harbour and provides services for all mineral oil companies using the Port of Rostock. The oil harbour is also the location of a biodiesel plant with an annual capacity of 150,000 tonnes of biodiesel and 18,000 tonnes of glycerine.