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Highest priority

Security of persons travelling via Rostock by ships, vessels, facilities and goods handled have always been the top priority at the Port of Rostock. All improvements will be made to meet the ISPS-Code as from 01 July 2004.

The implementation of security measures is supported by companies and authorities related to the Port of Rostock. Highly trained staff is on duty around-the-clock and provides patrol and gate security in the port facilities.

The port facility security duties are organised and performed in co-operation between the Port of Rostock and local as well as national and state authorities with security responsibilities:

  • Waterside Police Department Rostock
  • Police Department Rostock
  • Fire Department, trained in emergency medical procedures
  • Federal Police
  • Customs Office Rostock
  • Harbour Master office Rostock
  • Private security guard

Port Facility Security at the Port of Rostock including Warnemünde Cruise Center (for port facilities operated by Hafen-Entwicklungsgesellschaft mbH)

  • Restricted terminal areas
  • Secure fencing and gates
  • Controlled access to port facilities
  • Monitoring of port facilities
  • ID-check of all persons entering the restricted areas
  • Observation of shore and waterside areas
  • Security inspections / screening at clearance points of:
    a) Vehicles
    b) Persons entering the security zone
    c) Hand luggage
    d) Luggage
  • 24 hrs patrol and gate security provided by trained guards
  • Emergency and evacuation plans and procedures
  • Certified security personnel according to DIN EN ISO 9001
  • 24 hrs contact point at central disposition

All security procedures are going to be manifested in the port facility security plan (PFSP) according to ISPS-Code (A/B).

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