Annual statistics  General Cargo 2023

Graphical  representation

Pier II is the heart of general cargo handling. Here are mainly metals, forest products and project cargo loaded. But Pier II is mainly characterized by the transshipment of wind turbines. Cranes with a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnnes ensure the fast handling of goods. Since mid-2019, it is possible to load goods of up to almost 300 tonnes by using two mobile harbour cranes in tandem. Furthermore, there are two cranes available for loading and unloading at berth 16, which can be equipped with hooks or grapples.

Three solid sheds, each 360 meters long, with land and water-side track and road connections, are used for transhipment and storage. A total of 600,000 square meters of open storage and 120,000 square meters of covered storage for general cargo are available at the Rostock seaport.

* Some paper volumes in 2016 (around 250,000 tonnes) were no longer recorded under the main commodity "general cargo", but under "ferry and RoRo goods". The turnover development for general cargo in 2016 is therefore constant and the listed deviation is the consequence of a statistical correction.