Motorway of the Sea Rostock-Gedser

As part of a larger Global Project, this action consists of the completion of the upgrading of the Motorway of the Sea (MoS) link Rostock-Gedser. It will enlarge the maritime capacity of the link by completing works in the ports of Gedser and Rostock.

The objective of this action is to upgrade the capacity and efficiency of the MoS link Rostock-Gedser, including its environmental upgrade. In order to achieve this, the action will cover the environmental compliance and energy efficiency related conversions of the two new building RoPax ships “MS Berlin” (Danish flag) and “MS Copenhagen” (German flag), as well as the required adjustment and improvement works in the TEN-T ports of Rostock (Germany) and Gedser (Denmark).

The two new RoPax ships “MS Berlin” and “MS Copenhagen will be equipped with hybrid-propulsion as the best-possible combination of running on marine fuel and providing energy from batteries, guaranteeing optimal engine power loads. Furthermore, each engine on-board the two RoPax ships will be equipped with an adequately dimensioned hybrid wet exhaust gas cleaning device.

Terminal improvements and bearth adaptation for this MoS link will be completed in the Ports of Rostock and Gedser. A sludge treatment facility will be installed in the Port of Gedser. An appropriate caustic-soda (NaOH) supply facility required for the scrubbing process on-board the two new buildings will be provided in the Port of Rostock.


Ost-West-Straße 32

18147 Rostock

Frau Dr. Madlen Kroh
Strategische Entwicklung