MoS Rostock - Finland

Motorway of the Sea

Rostock–Hanko is one of the main maritime routes for cargo transport between Finland and Germany. The current MoS Action will upgrade the existing link between the two ports, mostly by investing in the existing water and landside infrastructure. In particular, the Port of Rostock will adapt 2 of its 4 ro-ro berths, in order to accommodate vessels with a length of up to 220/250 metres. It will reconstruct and improve existing and develop new adjacent port area in order to provide additional terminal space for handling and storing of freight. The Port of Hanko will reconstruct the existing terminal area in the direct vicinity of 2 ro-ro berths and will further enlarge the pier with new reclaimed land both from the sea and new land areas. In addition, the port will perform works to improve handling of cargo. On the long term, the current Action optimises the integration of transport road, rail and maritime modes in the ports as transshipment nodes.


Ost-West-Straße 32

18147 Rostock

Frau Dr. Madlen Kroh
Strategische Entwicklung