The target objective of the project is the facilitation of effective and environmentally friendly freight transport along the Rostock-Budapest section of the OEM corridor. New strategies and action plans will help to capitalize the new opportunities for regional development and logistics and ease the environmental impact by supporting the energy reduction and promoting environmentally friendly modes of transport. Furthermore, the new railway will strengthen the relations between the Free State of Saxony, the Usti Region and Prague. Using better coordination of policies in the field of transport and spatial planning and better utilization of existing infrastructures will lead to sustainable development and contribute to the goal to make cities and regions in Central Europe better place to live and work. The overall aim of ROSTOCK PORT in the project's context is to extend its intermodal hinterland network along the Orient-EastMed TEN-T core network corridor. A close cooperation with partners from the shipping and freight forwarding industry as well the project's partnership will start the first activities soon.


Ost-West-Straße 32

18147 Rostock

Frau Dr. Madlen Kroh
Strategische Entwicklung