Blue Supply Chains

Blue Supply Chains is an Interreg project that aims to reduce emissions and pollution in ports and along maritime transport chains.

Together with 20 European project partners, under the leadership of Hafen Hamburg Marketing e.V., the Blue Supply Chains project is implementing project activities in the following three topics:

  • Evaluation and piloting of measures for the further electrification of handling equipment,
  • Strategies for the provision, handling and storage of alternative fuels,
  • Promotion of more environmentally friendly transport chains in the hinterland, with a focus on the development of combined transport.

ROSTOCK PORT focuses on the one hand on the analysis of possibilities for CO2 reduction during the port stay of vessels - with concentrating on shore power systems. On the other hand, the last remaining rail ferry in the Baltic Sea region will serve as an example for a cooperative approach between ports, shipping companies, rail operators and freight forwarders as well as rail terminal operators in order to foster the modal shift from road to rail in the transport chains.

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Ost-West-Straße 32

18147 Rostock

Frau Dr. Madlen Kroh
Strategische Entwicklung