There are more than 30 block trains at the terminal for intermodal traffic weekly (from and to Verona, Cervignano, Treviso, Brno, Lovosice, Wuppertal, Halle/Schkopau und Curtici). Large distribution centres such as Cologne, Kornwestheim, Munich, Ludwigshafen and Frankfurt on the Main are accessed via Hamburg-Billwerder (direct connection to Hamburg-Waltershof) by the train operator Kombiverkehr. More than two million tons of goods were again moved at the intermodal terminal in 2019. Handling of units in intermodal transport increased to 87,000 in 2019 and thus by an impressive 11.5 percent. From May 2012 till February 2014 around 30,000 m² of the terminal area was converted while operation continued. The total of five tracks are served by two gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 45 tons