Bulk Terminal

BERTHS 21-24

Up to 20,000 tons of coal can be discharged daily at berths 23 and 24. The rebuilding of berth 23, which is 270 metres long, was largely completed by the end of 2019. During the first three months of 2020, further work will be done on paving of surfaces and railway track construction as well as dredging to a water depth of 14.50 metres. Full completion is planned until April 2020. In the course of the building work the load-bearing capacity of the quay surface is increased from two to five tonnes per square meter. In the meantime the new building and dredging at neighbouring berth 24 has been put out to EU-wide tender. Bridge cranes are used for unloading sea gravel, limestone and crushed stone at berth 22. In the middle of pier III a storage area with a capacity of 300,000 tons of anthracite coal exists. Conveyor belts carry the coal to the adjacent 500 MW hard coal-fired power station. A processing facility for sea gravel and storage facilities for building materials, agricultural products, fertilizer and other bulk goods are located at berth 21, which is equipped with a harbour mobile crane with a lifting capacity of up to 84 tons.